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HoN Lottery: Win 1000 Gold Coin

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Hero Analysis: Week 7-Andromeda

Welcome to this week’s hero analysis, featuring Andromeda, a hero that has the ability to take a number of vital game roles depending on her skill/item choices. Each one of her abilities can be utilized for a specific type of build. First, lets examine her abilities, and how each one of them can be implemented.


96px-Andromeda_Comet Target an enemy unit to deal 100 / 175 / 250 / 325 Magic Damage and a 1.75 second Stun.

Point-click targeting, high damage scaling, and up to a 1.75 stun duration makes Comet one of the most reliable stuns in the entire game. Paired with a second stun or slow, Andromeda can almost always score first blood against a support, or fragile carry. As early as level 1, Andromeda can roam freely to gank the middle lane, or the enemy jungle. Comet punishes greedy enemies, or ones that can be caught out of position in the sideshops/jungles, especially in the early laning phase.

96px-Andromeda_Aurora Target a location to hit enemies in a line. Deals 40 / 65 / 90 / 115 Magic Damage and applies -2 / -3 / -4 / -5 Armor and -5 / -10 / -15 / -20% Base damage for 14 seconds. Grants vision along the line.

Long-ranged, vision granting, Damage/Armor debuff that lasts up to 14 seconds makes Aurora an exceptional scouting tool, as well as an excellent set up to a late game teamfight. The reduced armor makes it easy to take out tanky enemies, and easily dispose already squishy supports, while the -20% Base Damage cripples the DPS output of the enemy carry. The low cooldown allows Andromeda to keep enemies constantly debuffed with Aurora throughout an entire teamfight/push.

Dimensional Link
96px-Andromeda_Dimensional_Link Passively grants a 12 / 20 / 28 / 36% Base damage aura to nearby allied units. Toggle to affect only nearby allied heroes.

Unlike Arachna’s Precision, and Moon Queen’s Lunar Glow, Dimensional Link grants bonus base damage to all allies, ranged, and melee. Also, Dimensional Link grants more bonus base damage than Precision or Lunar Glow by 8%. While most players wait for the late game to put points into Dimensional Link, the added damage can completely change the laning phase if used correctly.

Void Rip
96px-Andromeda_Void_Rip Target an ally or enemy hero to swap positions with it. Staff of the Master reduces cooldown time to 10 seconds.

Finally, we have Void Rip, the ultimate that has arguably the best Staff of the Master upgrade in the game. The quintessential perfect “peel” ability has an immense range at Level 3, that many players tend to overlook, easily walking into range to be displaced. Whether it’s swapping out their carry, or finding an enemy by themselves, Void Rip + Comet with your team will grant an easy kill that could decide the difference of the game.


Given Andromeda’s abilities, there are numerous ways to build/skill her. We’ll list a few, but feel free to add your own Andromeda builds/skill orders in the comment section.

  1. Regular Support- Andromeda is regularly used as a babysitting support in-lane. Maxing Comet and Aurora allows Andromeda to instigate fights with Comet, and then lowering the enemy defenses for your lane partner to follow up with. Void Rip is usually used to save your allies, or to sacrifice yourself to displace an important enemy. Your items are mostly supportive; Energizer, Astrolabe, Striders, Sacrificial Stone, Lex Talionis, etc.

  1. Aggressive Support- Sometimes, with certain team compositions, Andromeda wants to push more, and start more teamfights. Taking one point in Aurora, and then maxing Comet and Dimensional Link gives your lane bonus damage, while you still have a small debuff, and retaining the damage/stun duration of Comet. An aggressive item path would include Abysall Skull, Ring of Sorcery, Astrolabe, Plated Greaves, and Sol’s Bulwark, to utilize the aura effects for pushing compositions, and providing support to your carry.

  1. Carry- With the right farm, Andromeda has the potential to be a powerful carry. If Andromeda has a solo lane to farm, maxing Dimensional Link first gives Andromeda the damage to easily last hit and deny to control the lane, and if you trust your allies, max Aurora next before Comet to focus more on DPS. Items that benefit Carry Andromeda would be Shieldbreaker, Genjuro, Null Stone, Geometer’s Bane, and Riftshards

  1. Displacement- This last build focuses more on acquiring the items necessary to be an excellent initiator/disabler. Follow the regular support skill order of Comet and Aurora. Your items should include a Portal Key, Tablet of Command, Staff of the Master, Null Stone, and Nullfire Blade/Sheepstick. This build is all about being able to swap out enemies without sacrificing yourself. If you time it correctly, you can swap out an enemy, and Portal Key out before the enemy can deal damage to you, leaving only the enemy hero displaced. And with the 10 second cooldown on Staff of the Master, once a teamfight is initiated, no enemies will be able to escape from you.


Teammates are also crucial to Andromeda’s possible builds and potential.



First, allies that can also displace enemies make excellent lane partners with Andromeda. Devourer, Prisoner, Gauntlet, and Rampage all have a host of abilities that can shut enemies down early when paired with Andromeda’s Comet. Between hooks, slows, knockbacks, and negating blinks/leaps, these allies will be able to snowball with Andromeda's help.



Heroes that can follow up from Andromeda’s swaps and stuns with their own abilities make excellent lane partners as well. Hammerstorm, Pollywog Priest, Rally, and Electrician all have the means to keep enemies locked down once Andromeda gets them in range. Their long-duration disables and stuns can easily kill enemies early on.



Teammates that can augment Aurora and Dimensional Link with their own DPS/debuffs/auras can quickly melt enemies. Voodoo Jester, Blitz, Arachna, and Moon Queen all have great mixtures of DPS and crowd control, with their own passive damage increases, as well as powerful slows and damage amplifications.


While Andromeda has amazing utility and game changing potential, she also has some faults that need to be noted.

  • Andromeda has mana issues in the early game. One Comet can take more than half of her current mana pool, meaning that one wrongly timed ability can cost you lane control while you wait for Andromeda to regenerate.

  • Andromeda has a pitiful attack range, making harassment difficult. Andromeda is more of an all-in type of hero, so enemies that are careful about staying back can easily farm while keeping distance from Andromeda’s attack and ability ranges

  • Early levels of Void Rip don’t have lots of range, meaning that a swap won’t displace them far enough from their team in time to kill them before their team reacts and counterattacks

  • Teammates can make or break a good Void Rip swap. If they don’t react fast enough, the enemy may get away, and then Andromeda ends up falling because of a lack of communication.


Feel free to comment  on your own thoughts on Andromeda, and requests for next week's Hero Analysis!

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Patch 3.2 Addendum: Blitz


Since the previous week's article covering Blitz was released before the 3.2 Patch, this addendum will bring you up-to-date to the changes to Blitz, that have given this hero a nice gameplay boost.

  • The cast time on Pilfering was slightly reduced. It doesn’t seem like much, but this small change will help players cast Pilfering on enemies from the maximum range without it immediately becoming dispelled, which was a frequent problem for Blitz players.

  • Blitz’s base movement speed used to be 315, already faster than most heroes at Level 1. The recent patch has boosted his base movement speed to 330. This way, Blitzkrieg will be able to function in the early phase as more than just a stun, and his increased mobility will help him to escape early ganks, and initiate/harass better. With the right teammate, Blitzkriegs damage will be greatly increased in the early stages of the game.

  • Quicken now passively increases Blitz’s Movement Speed Cap from 522 to 602 at Level 4. Now Blitz can move faster than an enemy with the Haste Rune for up to 4.75 seconds, making him the fastest hero in the game. This change helps Blitz to truly fulfill his role as a fast moving ganker. The added Movement Speed from Quicken allows Blitzkrieg to deal a higher threshold damage; up to 501 damage when combined with the maximum stacks of Pilfering, or the Superior slow from Lightning Shackles. This buff has given Blitz more survivability, more damage, and more utility for travelling the map


These changes have already caused a significant change to Blitz usage in the past week. Back when the original Blitz article came out on July 22nd, he was only played ~5,000 games a week. After the patch, Blitz’s usage has more than doubled, with him in about 12,000 games a week, and his win rate is close to 50/50. These changes to Blitz have not altered his style of gameplay, but has molded him into a unique hero with abilities that better completement his playstyle.

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Hero Analysis: Week 6 – Artesia

This weeks article is based on a hero that boasts a long range, but needs to stay close to enemies to deal her full damage potential. Artesia is a Ranged Intelligence damage dealer, that has about a 50/50 win rate, but isn't used as often; only selected 7,000 times in the last week. She is able to pull of clutch moves in the midgame with her ultimate, and heavily relies on items for her usefulness in the late game.


First, let's look at at Artesia’s abilities, and how they can be utilized effectively.

Arcane Missile
96px-Artesia_Arcane_Missile Target a location to fire a wisp that travels up to 1200 units from its origin. On contact, deals 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 Magic Damage and inflicts 15% Movement Speed Slow. Grants 280 clearvision around the wisp until it hits a target. Vision lingers for 1 second if a target is found.
  • Arcane Missile is a long-range projectile that actively changes direction to seek out enemy heroes in their path. This makes it harder for enemies to be able to juke Arcane Missiles by ducking into the brush, as the projectiles automatically seek out enemies with or without vision. The missiles also deal damage to the first enemy unit they come into contact with, as well as all other enemies in a small radius around the first target, rewarding players that can aim Arcane Missiles properly.

Arcane Bolts
96px-Artesia_Arcane_Bolts On spellcast, release 2 Arcane Bolts that seek out random enemy heroes within 700 distance and deal 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 Magic Damage each. An Arcane Bolt is released every 0.8 seconds.
  • Arcane Bolts is a passive ability that deals damage to nearby enemy heroes every time Artesia casts a spell. As long as the enemy is within range, the projectiles will hit them no matter what. At the highest level, Each Arcane Bolt deals 70 damage. Casting Arcane Missile will release 2 Arcane Bolts, adding an additional 140 damage  to each missile, while an entire channel time of Dance of Death will generate enough Arcane Bolts to deal 490 additional damage. This helps Artesia throughout the game, as the damage is inflicted, whether or not her spells hit the enemy, guaranteeing damage to the enemy. One example of utilizing Arcane Bolts, is using it when the enemy is attempting to use a health or mana pot while staying back behind their creeps. Coming up to the wave, and casting Arcane Missile can release an Arcane Bolt that will halt the regeneration of the pot without completely displacing yourself in the lane
  • Dance of Death has multi-faceted utility as the game progresses:

  • Dance of Death
    96px-Artesia_Dance_of_Death Channel up to 3 seconds to heal yourself for 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 Health + 10 / 15 / 20 / 25% of your Intelligence per second. While performing the Dance of Death, you will generate and fire Arcane Bolts every .7 / .6 / .5 / .4 seconds. Each second channeled will also add a charge to Arcane Missile, reducing its cooldown by 75% as long as charges remain.
  1. Dance of Death releases Arcane Bolts over 3 seconds, making a continuous stream of damage. This works best when only one enemy is around, as all of the damage will be concentrated onto the single enemy

  2. Dance of Death adds charges to Arcane Missile. Each charge reduces the next cast of Arcane Missile by 75% at its highest level, allowing Artesia to unleash a continuous barrage of Arcane Missiles

  3. Dance of Death heals Artesia for a base value, plus 25% of her Intelligence. In the late-game, with items like Sheepstick, Riftshards, Harkons, or Stormspirit, the added Intelligence will allow Artesia to quickly recover health during pushes, or other clutch situations

Essence Projection
96px-Artesia_Essence_Projection Target a location to summon a Projection for 20 seconds. The Projection grants nearby allies 20 / 30 / 40 Health and 10 / 15 / 20 Mana per second. Also grants 1600 day/night vision. In addition, it will mirror your Arcane Missile casts and gain charges of Arcane Bolts as you do. Damage from Essence Projection is 100% of damage from self. The Projection dies if it gets attacked 3 / 4 / 5 times.
  • Essence Projection gives Artesia global presence once she reaches Level 6. Unlike Thunderbringer and Aluna who have very brief global uses with their Ultimates, Essence Projection can last up to 20 seconds. Left uninhibited, and with enough mana, Artesia can melt diving enemies, and turn the tide of ganks, while being on the other side of the map. While Essence Projection duplicates all of Artesias spells, it also provides a powerful health/mana regeneration aura to all allies


Artesia works extremely well with allies that can burst down creep waves, and have strong disables. As Arcane Missile can be blocked easily by moving behind creeps, eliminating the enemy creeps destroys the shelter that the enemy has, and forces them to retreat.


  • Tempest’s Elemental Void is perfect for Artesia to set down Essence Projection in an optimal location to deal as much damage as possible. Glacial Blasts also helps Artesia to be able to hit the enemy consistently with Arcane Missile.

  • Zephyr can clear minion waves extremely fast with enough Cyclones, and his Typhoon/Gust combination can slow and damage the enemy enough for Artesia to easily land her spells

  • Chronosphere is the perfect combination with Artesia. Even if it’s the enemy Chronos using Chronosphere, since nothing can move inside the field besides Chronos, Artesia can easily set up her combinations and melt an enemy by the time the Chronosphere wears off

  • Blitz’s combination of crowd control effects can keep the enemy hero trapped long enough for Artesia to unload on them, while giving her the ability to chase with Quicken

  • Nymphora has the ability to teleport Artesia anywhere on the map, and provide her with almost limitless mana and health. Artesia can activate her ultimate globally to start helping allies, while Nymphora teleports her to an optimal location to head the enemy off.

  • Voodoo Jester’s Cursed Ground allows Artesias damage to accentuate Voodoo Jester’s abilities, while Acid Cocktail locks the enemy down long enough for Artesia to deal the damage necessary to kill them with Cursed Ground/Spirit Ward.


While Artesia has some excellent game presence and team synergy, she does have a few problems with her gameplay.

  • To truly unlock her full damage potential, Artesia needs to be close enough to utilize her own Arcane Bolts/Arcane Missiles as well as her Essence Projections. If she casts her ultimate far away from her, half of her damage potential is already wasted. Also, in an optimal situation, Artesia would put down Essence Projection followed by Dance of Death to allow the maximum Arcane Bolt damage. This happens very rarely, as usually the player is forced to use Dance of Death early, so they will have enough charges to quickly output damage before Essence Projection is destroyed
  • Essence Projection is extremely easy to destroy in the late game, forcing Artesia to either lay it down in a hiding spot that may not fully reach the enemy team, or take a gamble that the enemy will focus more on her allies and neglect to destroy the Essence Projection.

  • Enemy minions can completely ruin Artesias damage output. While enemy minions will never target Essence Projection, they can easily soak up the Arcane Missiles from Artesia or her Projection. Having a constant idea of when a new enemy minion wave

  • Arcane Missile can be extremely temperamental, occasionally seeking towards a different enemy hero then intended when multiple heroes are present, and will sometimes miss altogether because of the angle you cast it, compared to the target it ends up seeking out. The same goes for Arcane Bolts, as the bolts can attack random heroes instead of focusing one down.


So while Artesia does possess excellent global presence and support with her abilities, her true damage potential relies on being in the middle of teamfights, and the luck of her Arcane Bolts hitting the intended target.

Feel free to comment on your thoughts on Artesia, and stay tuned for next week! Read More »

[aL]KingPlato’s MoonQueen Guide – Shoot for the Moon!

Moon_QueenHero Hello my name is Jeffrey Yi, better known as KingPlato, and I currently play for Absolute Legends as the primary carry player/occasional jungle.

Pro's & Cons

  • One of the hardest carries in the game
  • Built-in farming mechanism
  • Strong team fight presence
  • For hard carry, good laning phase
  • High mix of physical and magic damage
  • Insane late game with Geometer's Bane and Multi-strike
  • Effectively clears stacks
  • Susceptible to ganks
  • Low life in the early stages of the game
  • Short attack range for ranged hero makes her a weak solo against other ranged heroes
  • Sponges team farm
  • Recent nerf decreases her presence in the lane (nerf to stun duration and increase mana cost on Moon Beam)
  • Team has to have a rather passive play style with Moon Queen

Skill Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
96px-Moon_Queen_Moon_Beam  x x x  x
96px-Moon_Queen_Multi-Strike  x  x  x  x
96px-Moon_Queen_Lunar_Glow x  x  x  x
96px-Moon_Queen_Moon_Finale x  x  x
Stats  x
Q: Moon Beam
96px-Moon_Queen_Moon_Beam Target an enemy unit to deal 75 / 150 / 225 / 300 Magic Damage and a 0.7 / 0.8 / 0.9 / 1 second Stun.
Explanation Moon Beam is a single target nuke that gives Moon Queen a fairly strong laning presence. Though the skill has a rather high mana cost during the early phases of the game, due to the recent nerfs to the hero, it still can be used to lock down targets and ensure kills in your lane. The skill works well with most supports as it allows for you to coordinate skills with your lane partner and even serve as the initiator because of its long cast range. W: Multi-Strike
96px-Moon_Queen_Multi-Strike Passively allows attacks to bounce up to 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 times, dealing 35 / 30 / 25 / 20% less damage per bounce. When toggled on, attacks on Heroes will only bounce to other Heroes.
Explanation Multi-strike is Moon Queens farming mechanism. This skill helps to flash farm creep waves and neutral camps and comes to use especially when you get Lifesteal as you can maintain sustainable farm in the jungle without having to constantly heal. This skill excels especially in the late game as your illusions have Multi-strike too and can do huge amounts of damage to creeps/buildings/heroes. When in lane and trying to maintain lane-control, you should turn off Multi-strike so that your auto-attacks do not push the creep wave out. E: Lunar Glow
96px-Moon_Queen_Lunar_Glow Passively grants a 7 / 14 / 21 / 28% Base damage aura to nearby allied ranged units. Toggle to affect only nearby ranged allied Heroes.
Explanation Just one level into this aura early will help with last hitting because its based solely on base damage. Remember that you can toggle this aura on and off, which will help in trying to maintain lane control as well as giving extra base damage to your archer will gradually push your lane. Toggle this aura on though when you are pushing towers, and off when maintaining lane control. R: Moon Finale
96px-Moon_Queen_Moon_Finale Activate to cast 4 / 7 / 10 Moon Beams on random targets around you, up to 4 hits per target. Moon beams deal 300 Magic Damage per hit. Staff of the Master adds additional Moon Beams and reduces cooldown.
Explanation Moon Finale is a high burst random targeting magic damage ability. Because the targets that are hit are randomized, you only want to ideally activate the ultimate when there are only heroes around. because Moon Finale does up to 4 Moon Beams to one target, it can potentially do 1,200 magic damage. A thing to note is that Moon Finale will do 300 Magic Damage per hit regardless of the level of your Moon Beam (Q Ability). Also, in certain situations you can utilize this ability to quickly burst a target down by casting it from fog while Moon Beaming them to keep them in place (If there are no other targets around). Also, in a team fight the Moon Finale will give you amazing presence along with having your auto attacks with Multi Strike bouncing around. NOTE: Moon Finale has a short cast animation and can be cancelled by enemies if locked down with stuns, this also means that you can fake the animation (immediately following pressing R by pressing S) to fake your enemies into thinking you have wasted your ultimate ability.

Item Build:

This is a fairly standard item build that you'll see most top-tier Moon Queen players use. Its standard because it successfully works in almost every situation. Some people like to get Energizer as an Early game core, but I don't really see the purpose and tend to skip the item. Starting items: 64px-Item_Blight_Stones Rune of the Blight Item_Health_Potion Health Potion 64px-Item_Minor_Totem Minor Totem 64px-Item_Minor_Totem Minor Totem Item_Duck_Boots Duck Boots Item_Duck_Boots Duck Boots Early game items core: 64px-Item_Steamboots Steam Boots - Especially after the changes to the mana cost of Moon Beam I highly suggest Steam Boots so that you can utilize switching to Intelligence Boots to maximize the amount of Moon Beams you can use in lane. Also the attack speed and additional health steam boots offers is ideal and necessary on almost every carry. 64px-Item_Whispering_Helm Whispering Helm - This is the first item that allows Moon Queen to truly explode. Not only does the lifesteal work on Multi Strike, but it also allows you to take over a neutral creep and use it to stack the Ancients. Moon Queen can easily clear triple stacked ancients so having the lifesteal for sustainable farm in the jungle and stacking/clearing ancients is a must on this hero! Mid game core items: 64px-Item_Firebrand Firebrand - This item allows you to farm even quicker and utilize Whispering Helm to an even greater potential. After getting Firebrand your farm and GPM should explode as you'll be able to flash farm the whole map. This item is logical on most agility carries because it gives movement speed, stats, attack speed, and also because it builds into a nice survivability item in the later stages of the game. 64px-Item_Shrunken_Head Shrunken Head - A common things for Moon Queen and other ranged carries that follow this similar item build is to keep the Firebrand and hold off on Geometer's Bane until getting the Shrunken Head. I find this to be the smarter and safer choice in most situations especially when against teams with lots of lockdown/burst potential. Shrunken Head ensures not only your survivability but also your presence in team fights, as it allows your Moon Finale to cast without being interrupted and merely deal high amounts of physical damage through auto attacks. 64px-Item_Geometer's_Bane Geometer's Bane: The Firebrand naturally should be built into a Geometer's Bane ESPECIALLY on Moon Queen. The Geometer's is so key on the hero because the Multi-Strike will work on your illusions as well. This becomes especially fatal when in team fights, and also when pushing into the enemy base as well. The survivability factor that the Geometer's Bane offers is another reason to never oversee this item pick up. You can use Geometer's to successfully nullify negative effects, immobilizes, and also disjoint various spells. Late game items: Order depending on situation 64px-Item_Symbol_of_Rage Symbol of Rage - After getting the Mid Game Core items, Moon Queen still seems to be very prone to ganks and mass burst damage, in which Symbol of Rage becomes a very valuable pick up. The item offers more survivability and tanky nature, while also giving you mass turn potential and survivability within team fights. If the enemy team chooses to engage on you and fails to immediately burst you down, you can turn the fight severely by activating Symbolic Rage and regaining mass amounts of health. 64px-Item_Wingbow Wingbow - This item is also still a very good pick up on Moon Queen. The attack speed works very nicely with the Geometer's Bane, Symbol of Rage, and Multi-Strike, while also offering even more with the evasion. This item should be a very solid pick up all around while also making you the epitome of a flash farmer that soaks up the entire map. Situational items: 64px-Item_Daemonic_Breastplate Demonic Breastplate - This item is good against teams with high amounts of physical damage. Along with what I have said before, the attack speed and armor that the item provides gives presence not only for yourself, but also for your team as well. Will also in a sense give you a more tanky nature as well with the high amounts of armor the item provides! 64px-Item_Genjuro Genjuro - If you have read my previous carry guides you'll see that I personally prefer Genjuro over Wingbow in almost every case and especially won't hesitate in the case where an enemy carry has picked up a Savage Mace, which completely nullifies the evasion of the Wingbow. I love Genjuro because I always find a way to utilize the double invisibility to make quick and ideal pick offs that will give me an advantage in pushes/team fights in the later stages of the game. Careful though because the 6300 gold is a very large investment. 64px-Item_Riftshards Riftshards - This item has no survivability as compared to the other items in the build thus far, but can be fatal on Moon Queen if picked up in the correct situation. I generally only build Riftshards when my team truly lacks damage, have a huge gold lead and items don't really matter as my 6th item, or needing an all in effort (similar to the first reason).

Early Game Phase

The thing about Moon Queen is that you don't have to play entirely passive depending on your match up. If you have the potential with your lane partner to potentially get kills and dominate the lane at the cost of a couple creep kills, go for it. Don't let the thought of you being a hard carry prevent you from being aggressive and getting kills in your lane. The Moon Beam has a very long cast range, and can be used as a set up stuns for other support heroes, especially if they have skill shot orientated abilities. Also, because you are a hard carry, if against a more aggressive lane such as a dual stun/burst lane, play more passively and grab any creep kills that you can manage. Moon Queen doesn't necessarily have to shine in the early game, just focus on getting farmed up and carrying your team throughout the later stages of the game.

Mid/Late Game + Team Fighting

In the Mid/Late Game you just want to continue farming everywhere that you can safely manage to farm. Only teleport to team fights that absolutely require your presence, hopefully when your Moon Finale is up. Couple things to remember while farming is to activate/deactive both passives when either farming/static farming your lane. Also, after getting the Whispering Helm, you want to immediately convert a jungle creep so that you can constantly stack and clear your ancients. Also, if possible have your team assist in stacking the jungle as you push out lanes. Remember, while farming always keep an eye out for aggressive enemy teleports and enemy movement as well. You don't want to farm a lane if you have no clear vision on where the enemy team is, or if there could potentially be more than the enemy you see in the lane (enemy team behind the hero in lane). You want to die as little as possible to not slow down and lose your GPM. Once you get towards the Late Game Items, you'll have no problem in team fights. Activate Moon Finale, Moon Beam, Geometer's Bane, Shrunken Head, etc and watch as your enemies melt away. More Advanced Tips An advanced tip for Moon Queen is to utilize Geometer's Bane to its full potential. If you feel unsafe pushing a lane out to farm, use Geometer's and send your illusions to clear out the rest of the wave and also the enemy jungle too if possible. The Geometer's Bane illusions get Multi-Strike and can easily clear our lanes/jungle creeps easily even without your main hero. A general tip for carries is to avoid team fights as much as possible and split pushing especially when the enemy groups together to push down towers. Take advantage of the whole map and have a farming rotation based off your enemy's movement!

Final Comments

Thank you guys for sticking with me as it has taken a while for me to put out this next guide. A special shout out to theboyninja for being awesome! Hope you guys continue to enjoy my guides and feel free to over feedback in the comments below! I don’t have a facebook but follow me to tune into my stream at, and if you have any other questions or want to know about tmm services or donate email/paypal at Make sure, if you haven’t hit a Like @ for more future guides, giveaways, and updates! Read More »

Hero Analysis: Week 5 – Accursed

With the release of the 3.2 Patch Notes, we’re taking a look at one of the original HoN Heroes that has received a substantial buff to his gameplay from this latest batch of patch changes. Accursed plays as a Melee Strength hero that acts as a tanky support. Accursed has an almost 50/50 win rate, barely scraping by with a 49% win-rate and a 48.2% loss-rate.


Accursed has several special mechanics that make him excellent in the support and tank role. His gameplay revolves around his ability to play offensively or defensively with his multi-faceted abilities. His success is gauged by his brinkmanship.

Q: Cauterize
96px-Accursed_Cauterize Target a unit to deal 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 Magic Damage if it's an enemy or heal for 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 Health if it's an ally. Deals 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 Magic Damage to self.
 Cauterize gives him the ability to deal early game harassment/healing with the unique option of denying himself. Accursed, similar to Devourer, is excellent at baiting early game tower dives, and denying himself to help secure the kill. Unlike Devourer’s periodic health decay, Accursed can nuke himself and an enemy/ally. Paired with Blood Chalice, denying Accursed is relatively easy to do during the laning phase.
W: Fire Shield
96px-Accursed_Fire_Shield Target a friendly unit to remove most debuffs and Stuns, and apply a shield which absorbs up to 110 / 140 / 170 / 200 damage. If the shield hits its limit, it explodes and deals 110 / 140 / 170 / 200 Magic Damage to nearby enemies.
Fire Shield is a great way to tank damage, but its utility is what makes him unique. He can remove most debuffs and stuns from allies when Fire Shield is applied to them, negating possible damage, and protecting them from follow up attacks. Some spells like Succubus Hold will not be negated by Fire Shield, but Fire Shield still absorbs damage from the spell. The AoE of Fire Shields explosion once the damage threshold is reached is quite large, making it an effective harassment against multiple enemies at once.
E: Sear
96px-Accursed_Sear Passively causes your attacks and abilities to apply Sear to enemies for 2 seconds or Burning Strikes to allies for 4.5 Seconds. Enemies affected by Sear have their Movement Speed slowed by -5/-10/-15/-20%. Allies who attack a target afflicted with Sear gain Burning Strikes. Allies affected by Burning Strikes gain 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 Attack Speed and 10% Movement Speed.
The new patch holds brand new gameplay possibilities for Accursed, as Sear now applies its debuff through attacks, and abilities. Now, Accursed can affect multiple enemies and units with Fire Shield, Cauterize, as well as Flame Consumption rather than forcing Accursed to run around a battle attacking each enemy hero to apply the debuff/buff.
R: Flame Consumption
96px-Accursed_Flame_Consumption Activate to remove debuffs from self and convert 100% of damage taken to Health gained for 3 / 4 / 5 seconds. Staff of the Master increases the duration to 5 / 6 / 7 seconds and allows Flame Consumption to be cast while silenced.
And finally, Flame Consumption is the best diving/baiting ability in the entire game. When equipped with Staff of the Master, Accursed has nothing to fear, as he can activate it even while crowd control effects are used on him.  

Now let’s take a look at some heroes that can utilize Accursed’s abilities well.


  • Heroes will strong healing abilities like Nymphora, Demented Shaman, and Martyr all synergize well with Accursed. The combination of heals and crowd control can make trading with the enemy easy, while mitigating any damage you might take. Be careful however, when using Rhapsody in conjunction with Accursed, as she may pop her ultimate at the same time as you use Flame Consumption, robbing you of the health you could gain

Attack Speed


  • Heroes that benefit from Attack Speed greatly benefit from Accursed's Burning Strikes. Berzerker, Chronos, The Dark Lady, Solstice, and Predator all have abilities that have excellent damage potential when combined with the bonus Attack Speed that Accursed provides.

Area of Effect (AoE)


  • Heroes with large AoE also do well with Accursed, when Accursed can effectively bait the enemy team to initiate on him. Riftwalker, Tempest, Moraxus, Artesia, and Glacius can make great use of their ultimate abilities while Accursed draws enemy attention.


Simply put, Accursed was intended to be appealing bait to the enemy. His abilities cancel stuns, deal high damage, and heal allies. He has too much utility for many enemies to ignore, and he becomes their top priority to shut down.

 Some of the problems that players regularly brought up was the difficulty of applying Sear to enemies. Before the patch, only basic attacks from Accursed would successfully apply the debuff to enemies, forcing Accursed to be overly aggressive to keep the debuff up, or not level it until the later game, and stay passive in the lane. Naturally, Accursed is somewhat limited in his ability to tank damage before hitting level 6. While Fire Shield can block some damage, Accursed needs levels more than farm to be able to effectively block damage, provide heals, and act as bait. Without Staff of the Master, Accursed’s greatest weakness is a stunlock that kills him before he can activate Flame Consumption. Unlike DOTA 2, Flame Consumption does not automatically activate when taken below a certain life percentage. Baiting out a few stuns at a time, or providing Fire Shields to allies targeted by stuns will increase the chance of being able to activate Flame Consumption in time. Feel free to comment about your thoughts on this article, the new buffs to Accursed, and keep your eyes out for an addendum to Blitz, as this latest patch has affected him as well! Read More »

Hero Analysis: Week 4 – Blitz

  The self-proclaimed “Master of Speed,” Blitz, is slow to being picked since his arrival in Heroes of Newerth. This ranged Agility semi-carry/disabler has stayed consistent at around a 45% win/ 55% loss average in around 5,000 games played in the last week. Compared to heroes like Devourer with almost 42,500 games in the last week, Blitz is considered one of the least used heroes in the game. Several people have petitioned reworks, while others claim that he is fine the way he is, and only needs time to be mastered.BlitzHero One common complaint regarding Blitz is his lackluster attack range. Blitz possesses a very small attack range of 450, barely passing Moon Queens 350 range. This makes it vital for proper positioning in the laning phase for harassing the enemy, and can be quite difficult if the enemy can predict his movements. Since Blitz is rarely picked as a carry, his job becomes more of a support, meaning that he needs to be constantly harassing the enemy away from last hits and experience, which is difficult when other supports like Nymphora, Aluna, Glacius, and Riftwalker have much longer attack ranges then him.

96px-Blitz_Blitzkrieg Target an enemy, Deals 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 + 25 / 40 / 55 / 70% of your difference in movement speed to the enemy as Magic Damage and stuns for 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2.0 seconds. Movement speed damage is caps at 106 / 169 / 232 / 295
96px-Blitz_Pilfering Target an enemy to deal 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 Magic Damage and grant vision around them, lowering their Movement Speed and increasing your own. Drains up to 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 Movement Speed and deals 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 Magic Damage over 5 seconds. Once the link is broken, charges are removed every 0.5 seconds. Drain ends early if the target moves more than 700 units away from you.
96px-Blitz_Quicken Target an ally to grant {+100,150,200,250%} Movement Speed for 2.5 / 3.25 / 4.0 / 4.75 seconds.
Lightning Shackles
96px-Blitz_Lightning_Shackles Target an enemy, deals 225 / 325 / 425 Magic Damage to enemies in a 300 / 350 / 400 Unit Radius around the target reducing their Movement Speed to 100 for 3 Seconds.
Another problem that people face is high mana costs. At Level 2, Blitzkrieg and Pilfering will almost completely sap his entire mana pool. Mana Regeneration items are a necessity for Blitz, especially early game.  A Blood Chalice could be picked up, but given his low stats and health, it’s inevitably a poor idea. A Ring of Sorcery could be purchased, but generally isn’t seen on Blitz picks, as he benefits more from Agility items. Items like Hellflower and Nullstone grant strong mana regeneration, but Blitz has no attack steroid or AoE farming capabilities, so farming these items takes a long time. Blitz mid may be unconventional to some, but the constant Rune spawns give Blitz the mana regeneration and ganking potential that makes  him shine in the early game. Once level 6 is reached, Blitz contributes far more in teamfights and ganks. Blitz shines with the variety of ways that his abilities can be used to disable multiple targets at once, or to pick off a single enemy with a combo. The versatility of his spells is his greatest strength:
  • Defensive Scenario-Blitz uses Quicken on an ally being attacked, while using Pilfering on the enemy hero. The difference in speed allows the ally to escape and possibly counterattack, while Pilfering ensures a nuke from Blitzkrieg while the enemy is focused on Blitz’s ally. Lightning Shackles can be cast to ensure they cannot chase the ally if the enemy has a blink ability like Wretched Hag or Magebane.
  • Offensive Scenario-Blitz opens with Lightning Shackles on as many enemy heroes as possible, immediately targeting the support/carry with Blitzkrieg for the spike damage/stun, followed by applying Pilfering to one of the Melee Heroes for increased kiting potential. Blitz then uses Quicken on an ally carry/peeler to help the team effectively follow up from Blitz's initiation.
With enough mana, Blitz is able to seamlessly act in an offensive or defensive role depending on the situation. His ultimate has a unique component with a superior magic slow that bypasses magic immunity, so enemies like Predator and Rampage aren’t able to move around the battlefield as easily. While many argue that he needs some sort of rework or quality-of-life changes, others are adamant that he is a high risk/high reward hero that just needs time for people to pick up more regularly. On the Heroes of Newerth subreddit, one team talked about using Blitz as a suicide in place of a Plague Rider or Bubbles, and the results were very satisfactory. Others prefer taking Blitz mid, where the chances for getting the Haste Rune gives Blitz the edge he needs to gank the lanes and push his team forward. Blitz has strong damage potential, but with the proper team composition, his strengths can be further augmented. We’ll look at some specific heroes that can help Blitz to shine.


  • Riftwalker is on-par with Blitz in terms of crowd control. Shared Existence paired with Pilfering ensures a drastic slow to the enemy, as each Pilfering stack adds slow and damage with furthers the Shared Existence slow, while Cascade Event and Wormhole mixed with Blitzkrieg and Lightning Shackles can effectively halt an entire enemy team in their tracks.


  • Zephyr thrives on being able to stay close to enemies. With a Zephyr ally in-lane, maxing Pilfering with one point in Blitzkrieg will augment the slow, allowing Zephyr to stay close enough with Cyclones to deal the necessary damage. Typhoon also has immense synergy with Lightning Shackles, making them a devastating duo once level 6 is reached. Zephyr does have to be careful with his Gust, in case he accidentally dispels Pilfering on an enemy because he pushes them away from Blitz. When used correctly, it displaces an enemy while keeping the slowing effect on him.


  • Moraxus usually needs time to farm a Portal Key before being able to effectively land his Quake/Matraxe combo. Blitz's Quicken allows Moraxus to dive head one into the enemy and initiate without a portal key, allowing Blitz and other teammates to follow up easily. More Axes applies a consistent slow that can strengthen Blitzkrieg, while the combination of Arcane Shield and Quicken makes it almost impossible to stop Moraxus from initiating.


  • Slither and Blitz are one of the famous pairings similar to Cthuluphant/Demented Shaman or Glacius/Swiftblade. The pair has excellent DoT potential and nuke damage, with Poison Spray and Pilfering leading up to a max-damage Blitzkrieg while Slither continually applies Toxicity. Lightning Shackles used before Poison Burst ensures that multiple enemies can't escape the AoE.


  • Ophelia is actually an excellent ally when Blitz is in a solo lane with her farming the jungle. Her Nature’s Wrath magnifies damage and has a decent slow component; while her minions can keep enemies trapped long enough for Pilfering to add up. Skeleton King, Minotaur, and Catman Champion are excellent creeps, and Blitz’ Quicken can be cast on the minions, allowing them perfect positioning to stunlock the enemy


  • Flux has an incredibly powerful slow, and a physical pull/push that can guarantee high damage when paired with Blitz’s crowd control. A Discharge pull and Blitz’ Lightning Shackles/ Flux’s Release can output huge damage to the enemy team, while slowing the enemy team almost 100%.
  There are some things to note about gameplay with Blitz that can impair his gameplay. If Pilfering is cast at the max range, more than likely, the enemy will immediately exit the distance threshold, cancelling the spell almost instantly. While Pilfering grants clearvision over the effected enemy, if they turn invisible, it will cancel Pilfering, unless you have activated Dust of Revelation/Revelation Ward. While slows from his allies are Blitz’s best friends, enemy slowing effects can also seriously hamper Blitzkrieg’s effectiveness. Stuns are always dangerous to Blitz or any hero, but slows especially can wreak havoc on his gameplay. Quicken can be a life-saving ability, but players must take into account the slight delay that Blitz makes before activating it. The recent buff to Quicken now counteracts slows, but the delay it takes to cast it can be enough time for the enemy to stun Blitz, leading to his death.   Feel free to comment on your own Blitz pairings, gameplay, and tips! And the Weekly Analysis is always open to suggestions for next week’s hero! Read More »

[aL]Present23′s Pebbles Guide

PebblesHero Hello my name is Nguyen Tran, better known as Present23, and I currently play for Absolute Legends as the Suicide/Initiator .

Pebbles Pro's & Cons

Pros: - High burst potential All game - Very strong laner - Can turn any fight - High base attack damage - Can be laned anywhere - Can be useful with just a Portal Key Cons: - Very low mana pool - low attack speed

Skill Order

Its pretty standard to get level 1 stalagmites and then level 2 chuck. The difference is at level 3 i level toss because toss range increases and with pebbles where toss is the most effect skill, you want to have this maxed first. At level six it is better not to level enlarge because more damage is gained on the combo if you skill stalagmites. The rest of the skills are standard, as you get to 9, you level enlarge and then slab skin when you can because it still offers way more than attributes.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
96px-Pebbles_Stalagmites  x  x x x
96px-Pebbles_Chuck x x x  x
96px-Pebbles_Slab_Skin  x  x  x  x
96px-Pebbles_Enlarge x  x  x
Stats  x
Q: Stalagmites
96px-Pebbles_Stalagmites Target a location to deal 100 / 160 / 220 / 280 Magic Damage and apply a 2 second Stun to enemies in the radius. Units affected by Chuck take double damage. Casting in the sequence Stalagmites -> Chuck will yield the highest potential combo damage.
Explanation Stalagmites is the base of Pebble's Combo. To inflict the most damage, you want to use stalagmites and follow up with toss right after. This skill should almost never be used without chuck because the cooldown is so long in comparison to Chuck. The thing people do not know about stalagmites is that it goes in intervals and has a travel time. If you stun from a distance it takes almost a second for the first stun to hit the target which means it gives that target time to escape. W: Chuck
96px-Pebbles_Chuck Target a unit to throw the nearest unit within range at it, dealing 75 / 150 / 225 / 300 Magic Damage to nearby enemy units. The thrown unit takes 20% of that as additional Magic Damage.
Explanation Chuck is my favorite skill in the game. Chuck, primarily, is used as part of the stun - toss combo which one shots heroes but there is alot more use to it than just that. Chuck can be used defensively or offensively. Offensively, its used for the combo,  provide harass without receiving damage, and also to toss teammates into fights that can not otherwise get in range. Defensively, its used to toss enemy heroes away from you or even teammates away from danger. This skill is pebble's farming ability which should almost always be used over stalagmites when farming because the damage is instant, does more damage with the tossed unit, and the cooldown is only 10 seconds. E: Slab Skin
96px-Pebbles_Slab_Skin Passively applies 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 Armor and -10 / -20 / -30 / -40% debuff duration.
Explanation This skill is very underated because it doesnt add any damage that pebbles inflicts. Also because its always leveled up after chuck and stalagmites, people never actually realize how much this skill adds. Slab Skin makes Pebbles tanky while also providing the debuff duration. Sheepsticks and other disables arent as effective vs a pebbles. R: Enlarge
96px-Pebbles_Enlarge Passively adds 40 / 60 / 120 Base Damage, 5 / 10 / 15 Movement Speed, and 50 / 100 / 150 Cast Range to Stalagmites. Increases Chuck thrown damage to 35 / 50 / 65% of the AoE Damage. Staff of the Master grants the ability to Chuck up to 3 targets.
Explanation This skill, on top of making pebbles bigger :D, adds damage to the stun -toss combo. Getting Enlarge increases the chuck damage which in turn will give more damage to the combo.  This skill basically enhances everything pebbles does but it should still be leveled after the stalagmites and chuck.

Item Build:

There are two item builds that you can go when it comes to starting items but after that its pretty much the same. Starting items:  For Tmm games you want to get Hatchet - for being able to out last hit the other heroes. 3 minor totems - for stats when you go middle and gain early levels to have mana to combo. runes of blight and health pot for regen because you will take more damage because no buckler. For Competitive games or any game that your support is willing to pool regen you want to get Hatchet- to outcs, Iron Buckler - to mitigate damage from other hero and be able to play aggressively, 2 minor totems for mana and stats to combo asap, and pooled runes of blight from the support Early game items core: Bottles - for mana control and lane presence after one combo. Steam boots - for stats and to effectively use the steamboots - bottle combo for maximizing hp / mana control. Power supply - Always the biggest team fight turning item. Teleport Scroll - always carry one :D The Main Core Item is PORTAL KEY - its all pebbles needs to effective do damage Mid game core items: Sols Bulwark - This item will help farming, bursting heroes and increases the aggressiveness of pebbles because the amount of burst is amplified. Shrunken Head - This will increase the mobility that pebbles has during teamfights because usually when teamfights are initiated, pebbles will die. Shrunken head will allow him to auto attack while being immune and towards the end of the immunity can run away and set up another combo with portal key. Late game items: Daemonic Breastplate - Will help team and increase the negative armor, and give attack speed which makes pebbles capable of dealing consistent damage rather than just burst. It will be hard to get more items than these, but if you do, it will go into situational items Order depending on situation Situational items: Depending on the game, the pebbles can either go Riftshards -  to increase the amount of damage he does or Kuldra's Sheepstick - to lock down other teams carry , and being a team player :D

Early Game Phase

Early game you want to roam only when you are for sure setting up kills. Other than that you want to be aggressive in your lane because pebbles is one of the strongest and provides the most burst which forces other heroes to play defensively. This allows pebbles to easily farm portal key which will lead to the mid game or 15 minute cc :D

Mid/Late Game + Team Fighting

Mid game, pebbles wants to issue and gank heroes on the other team that are farming alone. Sometimes can kill more than one hero if you have someone with you to secure the safe kills. Being aggressive and having ganks forces the other team to play more defensive which will open the map for your team to farm. This is what all aggressive initiators should do. Late game, pebbles should just farm any items thatss necessary to win the game, but other than that he needs to stay around his carry to make sure the carry does not get ganked. Team fighting for pebbles is really simple. He initiates and combos down the carry or most important team fight hero of the opposing team. After doing this, make sure to use shrunken head and continue to auto attack. Running will not maximize the damage output pebbles can do. if the other team is targeting the pebbles, then he should run away and be ready to come back into the team fight with another combo. As long as pebbles has any mana, he should not fully leave the teamfight until it is over. More Advanced Tips The more you play pebbles the more you realize that the stun and toss combo works two ways. First - the simple stun toss onto the hero and do damage and auto attack. The Second ( More Advanced ) - This is risky but portal key and toss one hero into another and stunning both targets. This will provide double the amount that the first combo would do. This however is risky because you could potentially miss both with the stalagmites but that is why its more advanced ;)

Final Comments

Pebbles is an extremely easy hero to play consistently, but to play him in a more risky way will get you to play/ learn the hero better. Big Shoutouts to Absolute Legends Group, Mangy, D3athbringer, Paisley, and Savannah. Dont forget to follow my steam and facebook if you want to see more of my plays :D Make sure, if you haven’t hit a Like @ for more future guides, giveaways, and updates! Read More »

[aL]KingPlato’s Chronos Guide

ChronosHero Hello my name is Jeffrey Yi, better known as KingPlato, and I currently play for Absolute Legends as the primary carry player/occasional jungle.

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely good in the late game
  • Insane crowd control and lockdown with the Chronofield
  • Good survivability both with the escape mechanism (Time Leap) and rewind
  • Built-in Bash
  • Strong presence in laning phase for a hard carry
  • Highest base damage for agility carry
  • Low mana pool
  • No built in farming mechanism
  • Tends to be fairly weak between laning phase and late game 
  • Very Item dependent
  • Difficult to cast a well placed Chronofield

Skill Order

This is a pretty standard build that I generally use. I think that Chronos is a very preference orientated hero in terms of both skill build/items, but the guide will show the builds that I tend to prefer. Feel free to agree/disagree with my logic. I used to be a fan of getting one level of Curse of Ages at level 2 and after maxing Rewind, but have switched to this skill order more recently. Also, some games where I don't feel early pressure from the enemy team, I tend to skip the rewind at level 4 and continue maxing out Curse of Ages for maximum early game dps instead.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
96px-Chronos_Time_Leap X x x x
96px-Chronos_Rewind  x  x  x  x
96px-Chronos_Curse_of_Ages x x  x  x
96px-Chronos_Chronofield x  x  x
Stats  x
Q: Time Leap
96px-Chronos_Time_Leap Target a location to teleport to that position. Upon arrival, deals 50 / 90 / 130 / 170 Magic Damage and -22 / -28 / -34 / -40% Movement Speed for 3 seconds to enemies around you.
Explanation This skill is both an offensive and defensive ability. Offensively, Time Leap shines in the early laning phase as timing a Time Leap with a calculated bash from Curse of Ages will do a massive amount of damage in conjunction with auto attacks on the slowed target. Defensively, as in any other situation, you can use this ability when in danger to leap away from a team fight or when feeling imminent danger to leap and port from the trees. W: Rewind
96px-Chronos_Rewind Passively grants a 10 / 15 / 20 / 25% chance to quickly Heal any damage taken.
Explanation This skill is practically your life saver throughout all stages of the game. Rewind works on all damage taken, including damage from neutrals, enemy hero spells, and enemy auto attacks. For example, if the Rewind procs against a Parasite, you could potentially take no damage at all even from his Codex. E: Curse of Ages
96px-Chronos_Curse_of_Ages Passively grants every 8 / 7 / 6 / 5th attack the ability to deal 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 Magic Damage and a 1 second Stun. Attacks on an enemy stunned by Curse of Ages do not count towards the next stun.
Explanation Curse of Ages is Chronos' innate bash ability, that doesn't stack with Brutalizer. This skill scales well into the late game because you're attack speed will be higher in the late game, causing the bash to proc more often. While the damage from Curse of Ages is magic damage, the 1 second stun itself is a physical stun, meaning it will still hit magic immune targets. Also, the skill propagates onto illusions and deals 33% of the damage but not the bash R: Chronofield
96px-Chronos_Chronofield Target a location to create a Chronofield there. Besides Chronos, all units within the Chronofield are Frozen for 3 / 4 / 5 seconds. Staff of the Master increases duration and lowers the cooldown. Allies are slowed instead of being frozen.
Explanation Chronofield is a large AoE ability that temporarily freezes both allied and enemy units within the targeted area. This skill is really strong if used correctly and can serve as one of the best lockdowns and crowd control abilities in the game. During the late game, you want to use Chronofield to lock down and burst an important target such as their key initiator to ensure dominance in the rest of the end game fights. I generally tend to focus and lock down either their key initiator (Tempest, Magmus, Pebbles) or their hard carry. Another thing that people are unaware of is that Chronofield reveals all invis units even including all wards!

Item Build:

There are several item builds that I prefer depending on the situation and hero matchups of the game. Starting items: 64px-Item_Logger's_Hatchet Hatchet, 64px-Item_Blight_Stones Blight Stone, 64px-Item_Iron_Buckler Iron Buckler Early game items core: Skip if against a suicide lane: 64px-Item_Iron_Shield Iron Shield: If you're in a lane and taking lots of harass from ranged auto attacks, I'd suggest an Iron Shield to mitigate the damage you take. Item_Mana_Battery Mana Battery: If against a lane with lots of spells this item will help you turn early laning phase skirmishes. Against a suicide lane or under 6 minutes: 64px-Item_Alchemist's_Bones Alchemist Bones: If in a free farm lane I would recommend going Alchemist Bones to vastly increase your GPM and farming potential mainly because Chronos lacks a built-in farming mechanism. You want to only get Alchemist Bones in the very early stages of the game so that the 1900 gold investment will gradually pay off over time. If you do get Alchemist Bones try to avoid early team fights and deaths as the timer of the item will pause while dead. Also I prefer using Alchemist Bones on Vagabond Leaders, Catman Solider, and Vulture Lords because they give the most gold. If these aren't available and you're in a free farm lane you can just Alchemist Bones the Catapult in the lane. Core Items 64px-Item_Mystic_Vestments Mystic Vestments: Helps with survivability and is generally recommended in most games, especially being that initiators usually target and burst hard carries. 64px-Item_Steamboots Steam Boots: Steam boots are my preferred boots especially on carries because on strength it gives you more health and survivabilty, while giving attack speed and armor on agility. I have seen people go phase boots on Chronos but that's completely up to you. People who do opt for phase boots tend to immediately follow that up with a Helm of the Black Legion. Mid game core items: Build 1 (More standard build) 64px-Item_Runed_Cleaver Runed Cleaver: This item is what most agility melee carries go and it works well on Chronos as well. I think the only problem I have with this build is that immediately after getting Runed Cleaver, you lack attack speed which decreases the effectiveness of your Chronofield until you pick up your next item. However, Runed Cleaver does give mana regeneration which helps with Chronos' low mana pool and allows you to flash farm the jungle by spamming the Time Leap ability to jump from camp to camp. Also, the cleave helps in clearing stacks and creep waves more quickly. 64px-Item_Firebrand Firebrand: This item is what I generally get to follow up the Runed Cleaver to increase your farming rate and make up for the lack of attack speed the build has thus far. Build 2 (More early game orientated build) I don't use this build as much after the changes to Shrunken Head and Elder Parasite. 64px-Item_Helm_of_the_Black_Legion Helm of the Black Legion: Opting for this build allows you to be more active in the early to mid game as it along with Rewind makes you very tanky and hard to kill. 64px-Item_Elder_Parasite Elder Parasite: This used to be the go to item on Chronos but the change to not being able to Shrunken Head makes it a bit awkward. The reason why people thought Elder Parasite was so key on Chronos was because it gives lots of attack speed at an affordable cost in the early stages of the game. However, because you can no longer activate both Elder Parasite and Shrunken Head at the same time, it is a very risky item to go especially because you will be vulnerable to disables while inside your Chronofield. Also, Shrunken Head is almost always a smart pick up as you get into more higher tier games. Item_Thunderclaw Thunderclaw: This item works well in this build as it gives you more burst damage and will proc often with Elder Parasite activated. Also, without having Runed Cleaver in this build it can prove to be an effective farming tool. Late game items: Order on builds depend on situation Build 1 64px-Item_Geometer's_Bane Geometer's Bane: This item is natural in this item build because of the Firebrand build up from the mid game. A good thing about Geometer's is that it is an additional survivability tool for removing debuffs and immobilize abilities. Also, the illusions from Geometer's Bane can move and attack freely inside the Chronofield adding to the overall dps of the hero. 64px-Item_Shrunken_Head Shrunken Head: In most games you'll find a good use for Shrunken Head especially against teams with lots of disabilities and initiation. On Chronos I almost always find a good use for Shrunken Head namely so that you can't be interrupted while focusing a target in Chronofield. 64px-Item_Symbol_of_Rage Symbol of Rage: Life steal is a great pick up on Chronos for an orb effect because it helps you sustain your presence in team fights. I also feel that activating Symbol of Rage can greatly turn team fights, particularly on Chronos because Rewind can greatly mitigate the effectiveness of the enemy team initiating on you. 64px-Item_Wingbow Butterfly/64px-Item_Genjuro Genjuro: This last item gives you the attack speed on top of Geometer's Bane to make you absolutely deadly in team fights. I tend to get Butterfly if against a physical damage carry with no Savage Mace, and Genjuro if the other carry has already built Savage Mace or on a team with no invisible heroes. Genjuro is one of my favorite items because you can use it to quickly maneuver in team fights and make stealthy pick offs. Build 2 64px-Item_Charged_Hammer Charged Hammer: With the Thunderclaw from the mid game, this item will increase your attack speed and amount of damage you can deal in combination with the Elder Parasite. 64px-Item_Savage_Mace Savage Mace: More damage that works well with high attack speed to increase the chance of proccing. Also good if against carries that have evasion from passives or Butterfly. 64px-Item_Shrunken_Head Shrunken Head: Though you have Elder Parasite in this build, as the game progresses more towards the late game you'll find a good use for Shrunken Head in most games especially against teams with lots of disabilities and initiation. On Chronos I almost always find a good use for Shrunken Head namely so that you can't be interrupted while focusing a target in Chronofield. Also, the effectiveness of Elder Parasite decreases as the game heads towards the late game as you can replace it with better items that give attack speed and damage. Situational items: 64px-Item_Daemonic_Breastplate Demonic Breastplate: A very good item on Chronos in the late game as it has great synergy with any physical damage dealing hero. Demonic Breastplate should be a necessity for team fights and I would opt to get this if no one on my team has or was planning on getting it. Demonic increases your attack speed, armor, and also negates the armor of the enemy team in a radius around you. 64px-Item_Riftshards Riftshards: This item is really good late game. With high damage and attack speed, critical strikes can prove to be extremely fatal especially when bursting a chosen target down in your Chronofield.  

Early Game Phase

Suicide Lane Against a suicide, you want to make sure to get every last hit and quickly pick up the Alchemist Bones. Also, it is super key to not miss any last hits and correctly deny and keep lane control at tower to ensure that your support can easily box out the enemy suicide. If your support needs extra regeneration, you can give him your Runes of the Blight to further ensure your free farm. 2v2 Lane In a 2v2 matchup, you want to generally target the more vulnerable target in the lane which tends to be the enemy support player. While farming creeps, you want to communicate with your support and time your Curse of Ages with a Time Leap before initiating on a hero. With this combination and the skills of your support hero you should be able to successfully kill enemy heroes and gain lane dominance. Don't hesitate to also use your Time Leap defensively, the last thing you want to do as a carry is to die.

Mid/Late Game + Team Fighting

During the mid stages of the game you want to maximize your farm. Whether it be by utilizing the early Alchemist Bones and avoiding fights, or alternating between farming lanes and a stacked jungle always try to farm safely. While you may be "afk" farming, carry a Homecoming Stone to teleport and be present in fights that only absolutely require your presence. You are a hard carry, your job for the team is to gradually pick up your mid/late game items and carry the game for your team. At the same time, don't be afraid of being active and ganking ONLY IF it is a safe and smart decision. As I have mentioned throughout my guide, in mid/late game team fights you want to target important targets and burst them down while locking them down in your Chronofield. Always choose targets that are having a large impact against your team in team fights to ensure that after an initial pick off in your ultimate, you will be able to win the rest of the fight. Also, if possible try to capture more than one target in your Chronofield to further crown control the enemy team. More Advanced Tips Though you may be excited to Time Leap and Chronofield into the enemy team, always be patient when against teams that have strong initiating heroes. Only initiate if the situation calls for it, and/or someone is out of position.

Final Comments

Big shout out to  Beastlywon, DemonRyou, Pootyting, and other viewers from my stream for helping me out on this one! I don’t have a facebook but follow me to tune into my stream at, and if you have any other questions or want to know about tmm services email me a Make sure, if you haven’t hit a Like @ for more future guides, giveaways, and updates! Read More »

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